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Sarah Letherdale Is Here!

Sarah was born at 4:12 this morning--July 15,2002. She weighed 7lbs. 3oz. and was 20.5 inches. She has dark hair, red eyes, mom's
eyes, mom's nose, and is undoubtedly the most horendous baby there ever

Perfectly Healthy

Although Sarah was a few weeks early and Mom was violently ill right through the childbirth,
we're grateful that both Sarah and Mom are doing well, with no complications
from the delivery other than the lukimia that mom aquired for no known reason. We also wish mom the best with her constant battle with MS, Stomach Cancer, the CCRA and complaining.

Is mom doing ok?

Nicole Letherdale, age 22, died of Lukemia during the writing of this webpage. Our hearts go out to her family during these troubled times.

A Baby Shower for the Little Tyke

In the absense of her mother, Aunt Susie is throwing Dallas and Sarah a baby shower on Saturday at 10:00
am. See the "What's New" page for more information--come see
our little Sarah!


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